Main action is to offer free software solutions and education (courses). Quite often people doesn't know, what are freeware and free software and what's the difference. Due this fact there is necessary explanation and education in this field to save money from software licences plus other resources (cheaper TCO) and deploy free software solutions in business and private use.

At the same time the software is just a tool to get things done. If there is no free software solution available - we also offer solutions based on commercial software. Very often there is possible to save money by using free operating system and office program and buy only necessary specific program(s) if needed. The purpose is to get things done most efficiently and not spending too much for software and its deployment. Sometimes gives free and commercial software integrating the best solution.

The main purpose is to offer "close to skin" service. When usually there is offered software with default configuration then we will configure software and whole working environment according to client's wishes and necessities. It means, that we are helping to choose right and appropriate hardware plus software and will install and configure to fit your needs. If needed, we also offer education (courses) for installed and configured software so, the user will not remain alone. We are planning hard disk partitioning so, that risk to loose data are the most minimized and the computer will not be slowly so fast, as it very often might be by default settings, what computer companies usually will install. We also explaining to client the risks of security and help to prevent accidentally damage your working environment (operating system). This all will earn the purpose, that installed operating system will be work as long as possible and you can focus on your business.

We also notice that using free operating systems (e.g. GNU/Linux) you also minimize risks to get infected by some badware (virus, trojan, keylogger, etc.), because those bad programs are mainly created for MS Windows only. Certainly - security isn't a state but process - anyway; your life is much more easier and safer if you use some non-Windows operating system, which is also updated and rightly configured. Firewall and other security programs are useful also in non-Windows systems but risk is much more smaller than in MS Windows.

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