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  • we help to find and choose appropriate software for your actions - we prefer free software but if necessary, we suggest also commercial (proprietary) software
  • we help to convert existing data from proprietary formats to open formats
  • we help to choose data formats - if possible, we suggesting open and patent free data formats (in case of specific or proprietary software this cannot be always possible)
  • we help to install MS Windows onto Mac (dual boot: MS Windows/Mac OS)
  • installing and managing computer networks
  • computers repairing and maintenance - also helping to choose appropriate hardware for your operating system
  • hardware and software (as well as operating systems and applications) installation, configuration, maintenance (MS Windows; GNU/Linux, Mac OS and other UNIX-like systems)
  • internet connections - we are helping to choose appropriate internet connection and set it up (as well as network devices and computers)
  • Estonian ID-card software installation and configuration (MS Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS), also guidance and courses
  • malware removal (viruses, trojan horses, spy software, keyloggers, etc)
  • creating corporate or personal electronical identity
  • creating home pages, forums, image gallerys - maintenance, user courses
    • helping also choose address and
    • using only free software components
  • remote courses and maintenance
    • MS Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS
    • if internet connection works, then there is possible to install and configure software and also teach user
  • educational courses (also specialist and end user) - also over remote management (pupil may be located anywhere over the world)
  • planning VoIP-solutions
  • planning DigiTV-solutions
  • web radio system creation and transfer planning, consulting (including radio schedule with free SMS-reminder), computer configuration for comfortable listening web radio
  • making video (with or without audio) transfer including saving videos directly to web (including real-time watching and also saved video watching), possible to embed video to your web page or social networks, at the same time thousands of people can watch video transfer simultaneously
  • data automatic and transparent backup system with usage course, data will be backed up into cloud computing system over very secure encrypted channel
  • also service agreement is possible
  • Google Apps and other Google products solutions
Did not find appropriate service? Don't hesitate to ask! Together we will find appropriate solution!



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