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One hour working costs during regular working hours 20 EUR  (~26,6 USD or ~312,93 EEK)

Regular working hours: Mo-Fri  9 AM - 6 PM

If there is neede service after working hours then it would be nice if it is previously registered. Otherwise there might be not possible to get connection.

Working hour cost after regular working hours is price two times higher - 40 EUR/h (~53,6 USD/h or ~625.86 EEK/h)

Visiting client there is minimum price one hour price. This is also by remote management or course.

Outside Rapla will be additional cost 1 EUR/km (~1,34 USD or ~15.65 EEK)

There is also possible special prices for exact works.

Currently the company has no duty to pay VAT. If this duty will have effect, then all prices will be added also VAT in Estonia.

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