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About the company

The company was founded at 6th August of 2008 and is based only on Estonian capital. Main activities are hard- and software installing, configuring, repairing and services; end-user and specialist courses, building computer networks, web design, servicing activities technically.
Main activity is free software but we will help also commercial software users.

The name Zeroconf comes from english words Zero Configuration Networking and it means network devices self autoconfiguration. The main goal of the company is offering "close to skin" service, that client must not nothing to do for final configuration - all should be done based by foregoing negotiations with client.

Based on VÕS §60 (Law of Obligations Act, §60) will Zeroconf, Ltd. prohibit giving offers no other way than in writing and only then, when foregoing given consent has been made.

Zeroconf OÜ